Monday, February 9, 2009

Rave Reviews!

Well, I am just back from Rowe Camp and Conference Center, after presenting a weekend workshop on "Astronomy, Spirituality & the Mayan Prophecy," and it was wonderful. I taught about Sunwheels, the Mayan calendar system, Mayan numbers and writing, the Sun & Moon & stars, along with my favorite spiritual teachings and wisdom. Those in my workshop were a set of very special people, and the group was a wonderful size (11 in all) -- big enough for good discussions, for a wide variety of questions and for feeling that my effort was appreciated, and small enough that every person had a chance to speak and be heard.

Here is what the participants wrote in their evaluations:
"I found the Astronomy, Spirituality and the Mayan Prophecy seminar to be utterly fascinating, fun, and enlightening. The science was clear and well defined and blended nicely with human aspects of spirituality. Judy Young was enthusiastic in her penetration of the mystery of the Mayan calendar and presented the material to us in a clear and wonderful way. Judy was very accessible to the class with answering our questions. She created a sense of community and camaraderie in the group. The seminar was well paced and energetic. Thank you so much, Judy. I really enjoyed meeting you. I had been looking forward to this for many years." (Richard M.)

"This has been a wonderful workshop, very love based (in contrast to what seemed to be a fear based one going on at the same time). I appreciated learning more about astronomy which I have never understood at all. I love the various ways to access guidance and the knowledge from many teachers and paths. Fascinating to learn of the Mayan number and astronomical systems."

"Thank you kindly for your invigorating workshop. I found it intellectual and soulful. You were professional, grounded, fun, energetic, knowledgeable, and peaceful. I am leaving with new knowledge, positive action and balanced joyfulness." (Kristie K.)

"This program was great. It fulfilled the hopes and expectations I had for it. I am very interested in spirituality, the Mayan prophecy for 2012, and stone circles. Thank you, Judy. I appreciate your teaching and your excellent, calm, but passionate, teaching style." (Carolyn J.)

"Another outstanding program from a wise and knowledgeable teacher. Thank you, Judy." (Gene S.)

"Your astronomy classes must be awesome. You made the astronomy come alive. Things I knew sort of from books I now understand in my being, and have a new excitement about looking at the stars."

"This workshop has opened me up to the beauty that is in and around me."

"Judy’s delivery was superb. A highly recommended experience. She knows her stuff. As a scientist, she is so serious in combining her spiritual knowledge with the scientific, she is truly an inspiration." (Kettler C.)

After a weekend of teaching, I am now exhausted. But I did it! I took care of my back, rested when I needed, and was able to enjoy and even thrive during the weekend. I consider it a great achievement to have maintained the strength and health of body necessary to lead such a workshop. And because of this success, I feel a deep sense of gratitude for my healing and a feeling of excitement over knowing I will be leading other workshops in the future.

One participant had chosen my workshop over attending a program elsewhere with Starhawk, so at the conclusion of the weekend I asked her if she was happy with her choice. Her response was, "Off the charts, baby!"

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