Monday, February 2, 2009

Astronomy, Spirituality, and the Mayan Prophecy

I am so excited -- I am preparing to lead a retreat this coming weekend at the Rowe Camp and Conference Center on "Astronomy, Spirituality & the Mayan Prophecy". I led a weekend retreat here 2+ years ago, so the experience is not entirely new, but the subject matter is expanded and I am creating something that I have never done before. I do not know where this adventure will take me -- combining astronomy and spirituality and leading retreats around the world -- but I am filled with excitement over the newness, the potential, and the sharing in small groups of subjects that are dear to my heart.

I have even been contacted by people from across the ocean who are interested in these retreats! I have planned another weekend retreat here in at the end of May, and a 5-day retreat at the end of the summer in Montana, "Astronomy, Spirituality, and the Mayan Prophecy: Living the Sacred" .

I am working hard -- collecting materials, creating the plan for how I will present the complex astronomy and interweave meditation and discussion, learning about the Mayan calendar, and the truth about Dec. 21, 2102. I am loving the learning and creating. If you are intrigued by the topic and interested in attending, check out my calendar to find out when and where the next retreats will be.

I also know that leading the retreat will be a challenge physically -- to honor my need for rest and self care. Luckily, each meeting will include meditation, sharing, and food for the soul, along with the astronomy. So even if I am tired, I will become rested and energized.

I am very excited about the upcoming retreat. This will be a weekend to remember!

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