Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Healing Power of Mind

My friend Susie recommended that I read Deepak Chopra's book Quantum Healing, and I am thoroughly loving it. Although it was published nearly 20 years ago, this book is remarkably clear, insightful, inspiring, and current. Deepak Chopra describes stories of curings and spontaneous remissions of cancer, along with insights into the minds of patients. From this book and the stories in it, I am reminded of the healing power of words, and also of the enormous power for words (especially from doctors) to discourage. I feel grateful that my own oncologist said to me earlier this year that in his opinion the meditation I do is at least as important as the chemo. Coming from a doctor, I view this as inspiring, supportive, and opening the door for possibility.

Reading Quantum Healing has inspired me to continue diligently with my practice of meditation and healing/curing visualizations.
I was also inspired to create a new visualization which I have added to my daily regimen, in which a team of Ms. Pacwomen go through my bone marrow gobbling up any identical plasma cells, starting at my feet and going out the top of my head. When finished, they convert any cells they have gobbled into usable energy -- so far both love and hummingbirds have emerged from the top of my head in this process.

In one story, a woman with a tumor on her breast chose not to have conventional treatment (radiation, chemo, or surgery), and visited Deepak Chopra to get advice from the Ayurvedic perspective. He did encourage her to have surgery, to have a more beautiful life and to not have to take care of the tumor. As she left his office, this patient told him that she had never felt threatened by the tumor, and never identified with it. Her comments contained the essence of the words I wrote on the post entitled "Healing and the Wind", to not make a diagnosis part of you, to not identify with it, but to just let the energy flow through and past you.

Deepak Chopra describes a major study of 400 spontaneous remissions of cancer, which was later interpreted by Elmer and Alyce Green of the Menninger Clinic. They found that "all the patients had only one thing in common -- every person had changed their attitudes before the remission occurred, finding some way to be hopeful, courageous, and positive."

It it clear that the body has the capacity to respond with health to thoughts that are uplifting. So, bring on the joy and live each moment to the fullest, and the space for miracles will be created!


... said...

I loved that book when I read it. I actually gave my copy to a museum curator who was putting together an exhibit about the mind-body connection.

The other one I've learned to love (despite it's place on Oprah's book list) is Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth. The Power of Now is great as well.

Joyous Judy said...

Yes, I too love A New Earth and read it long before Oprah put it on her list. My favorite parts are:

3 ways the ego treats the present moment -- as a means to an end, as an obstacle, or as an enemy

the 3 nons -- non-attachment, non-resistance, and non-judgment

and the 3 modes of enlightened doing -- acceptance, enjoyment, and enthusiasm

Unknown said...


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