Sunday, July 6, 2008

Commanding the Universe

While I was in Arkansas at the Myeloma Institute (see previous post of July 6) I began reading "The Eagle and the Condor", a book by Jonette Crowley about her spiritual/mystical journey. After arriving back home, I was up to the part where Jonette describes a trip she led to Machu Picchu, which included 4 days of hiking along the Inca trail. On about the 3rd day of hiking, the trail was so strenuous that 10 members of the group were having difficulty arriving at the destination -- they still had 1 hour of hiking left as the Sun was setting. As leader of the group, Jonette thought of going back to be with the lagging hikers, but realized that wouldn't really help. Instead she decided to pray, and as she stood up she said aloud to the Universe "I command safety and light for my fellow travelers." As she listened, she heard the mountains reply 'We have waited to be commanded.' What a remarkable concept -- commanding the Universe! And when the lagging travelers did arrive at camp, they said the last hour had been the easiest of the day, as if the trail was lit from below.

So without hesitating, I put down the book and walked outside into my gardens. I prayed aloud to the 4 directions, and then spoke to Great Mystery and the Universe, saying "I command the curing of the cancer in this body." And I didn't tell anyone what I had done.

The next day began as usual for me -- doing PT in bed, then a visualization to bring golden light into every part of my body, and then my morning routine including Yogi Detox tea. I love Yogi tea, especially for the fortunes on the tea bags. And on this morning, the day after I commanded the Universe, my fortune was, "You are unlimited." I was stunned -- not only was this a great fortune, but I saw it as a message back to me from the Universe. Breathe.

About 1 hour later I went onto the front porch to do yoga, and I found a pile of sawdust by the side of the wooden rocking chair. I looked at the underside of the arm of the chair, and there was a round hole about the size of a dime -- I knew it was from a carpenter bee. How I knew, I'm not sure. I've lived in this house for 25 years, and never before had a carpenter bee bore into the furniture. I came inside and looked up Bee in "Animal Speak" and found that it has 2 meanings -- the first is 'fertility' (which was the Rune I had picked the day before), and the second is 'anything is possible'. That got my attention. I left the pile of sawdust on the porch as I digested this message and the last one -- anything is possible, and I am unlimited. It was seeming like commanding the Universe should be as easy as singing a song.

At the end of the day, I had my first Feldenkrais session (gentle bodywork that helps reprogram the nervous system), and at the end of the session the teacher told me the Feldenkrais philosophy -- (1) to make the impossible possible, (2) to make the possible easy, and (3) to make the easy elegant. So here was the message about making the impossible possible, which is a lot like 'anything is possible'. And I would have to say that by the end of the day, the combination of all the messages I got was astoundingly wonderful. First I commanded my curing, and then I got so many independent messages that anything is possible, that I was humbled. And excited.

A few days later I was on my hands and knees in the garden, and I heard something (plant, tree, or rock) say to me, "If you are going to command the Universe, you need to live in different relation to All That Is. Like asking permission to prune a tree, or pick a flower, or pick up a stone." And I remembered that when I was in Montana for my vision quest and picked sage, I offered tobacco first. But I am not used to this was of being here at home. So I need to remind myself of a new way to be in my garden. And in general. More respectful of all Life, and asking permission before I do things. The next day, when the Daily OM came over e-mail, it was the one about conscious gardening and asking permission, the same message I received in the garden. I had gotten the message through my intuition before it came over e-mail.

That same day, I was thinking about the Divine in All Things, which I believe there is. And also that the Divine can do miracles, which I also believe. So here is my question to all of you -- if the Divine can do miracles, and there is Divinity in each of us, why can't WE do miracles? Why don't we? After reading Jonette Crowley's story, it seems so obvious to me -- we should all be able to command the Universe, and we should all be capable of consciously creating miracles. Is it just that we think miracles will come from the outside, and we don't know that we can command

Since the day I commanded the Universe, I have noticed that coincidences are much more frequent in my life (now several per day rather than several per week), and animal visitations are more common. Two days ago when I went out into the garden, a beautiful dragonfly flew to the leaf of a phlox plant in front of me. I watched for several minutes, and then moved slowly around the garden. The dragonfly followed me, first to the iris, then to the roses, then to the lilies, and then I decided to get my camera. Of course, when I got back to the garden the dragonfly was gone -- until I stood by the daylilies, and who should appear but the dragonfly!

In "Animal Speak", dragonfly means 'the power of light', so it is interesting the dragonfly came to me the week of the summer solstice, that time of maximum light, and also when I am being diligent about the visualization where I bring a golden light into my body. Dragonfly means "Illusion" in the Medicine Cards, so I reflected on the thought that Life is an illusion, and I asked dragonfly how to create a new illusion. Like the one where the cancer in my body is cured. Dragonfly told me that I need to let go of the old illusion to make room for the new one. Like letting go of personal history, according to Carlos Castaneda. So I closed my eyes and focused on letting go of the illusion that today will be like yesterday. Letting go of the thought that the pain in my body will be as it has been. I did my best to erase personal history. And when I opened my eyes, the dragonfly was gone.


Wolfie said...

You are the most incredible person I have ever known!!! I admire your strength,wisdom, and tenacity!
Richest Blessings to you dear one!

Joyous Judy said...

Thank you.

RunninL8 said...

This post was...."shocking" to me. I have to wonder how many messages go by right under my nose without me realizing it? I know I MUST make an effort to be more mindful and not so caught up in routine. But being mindful of those coincidences-the little details do not come easily or naturally to one with attention deficit disorder. It's such a struggle just to get through the most normal basic tasks of my day! I hope the Universe does not "think" that I am ungrateful or uncaring.... So much to keep inside my head how does it all fit?
Sorry, rambling...
Yes, I feel shaken. But what amazing things you are manifesting for yourself! Whenever those occurrences happen to me I feel bumped up to the next level-It's such a good feeling. Like you will never be lonely again.
I guess I need to muster up that gut belief that I can command such things too.
Thanks yet again for sharing.