Friday, October 10, 2008

What Is My Story?

During Yom Kippur services yesterday, the Rabbi spoke in general terms about our stories, and I began to wonder about my story, that is, the story I tell myself.

What story do I tell myself about my life and what I face?

1) I tell myself that everything happens for a reason, even if we may not discover those reasons during our lifetimes.

2) I tell myself that every moment contains unlimited possibilities, that anything is possible in the ongoing magical unfolding of Creation.

3) I tell myself that my story today does not have to depend on my story of yesterday, or on my father's story, or my doctor's story. I am free to create my story anew each day.

4) I tell myself that my soul's gifts -- being an inspiring teacher and a creative artist, always looking on the positive side of a situation, being able to find beauty all around me, being a loving and generous human being -- are given to me by Great Mystery. And the way I use these gifts in the world is my gift back.

5) I tell myself that I deserve a life of joy, ease, love and abundance, and that is what I find.

6) I tell myself that it is my story that matters for me, and that I never need to give up my power of creating my ongoing story.

7) I tell myself that there are no rules. There are only choices, and then there are consequences of those choices.

8) I tell myself that I love gardening, singing, writing, reading, Sudoku, meditating, walking, hiking, playing, eating, smiling and laughing.

9) I tell myself that I love my family and friends, that I am a good mother, and that I am a respectful and compassionate member of society.

10) And I tell myself that it is crucial for each of us to make choices that reflect a deep understanding and reverence for the web of life that we are all part of.

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