Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Wind and Healing

Next time you are outside and the wind blows, notice your stance with regard to the wind. Allow the wind to blow past you. Feel the force of the wind. Allow it to caress your face. Notice how some trees bend to the energy of the wind, and others stand firm. There is no need to resist the wind, to tense your body in response to it. It is simply the wind blowing past.

You need not make the wind a part of you. You need not identify with the wind. You need not fight it or hold onto the fact that the wind is blowing. If it blew yesterday, it may or may not blow today. It arrived, and it will leave. For the wind is energy in motion, and it has no authority over your life.

Now see what it feels like to apply these same concepts about the wind to cancer or some other health condition.

Allow it to blow past you.
Feel its energy.
There is no need to resist it, to tense your body in response to it.
Do not fight it.
Do not identify with it or hold onto it.
Do not make it a part of you.
It arrived, and it can leave.
For it is simply energy in motion and it has no authority over your life.

Pick one of these statements, and try spending a day playing with it in regards to your health situation. Like the first one -- Allow it to blow past you. Notice if you think that a diagnosis means 'here to stay', and that you have already made it part of you, and are holding onto it. Work with the image of allowing the energy to blow past you. Allow it in, allow it out. Let go of the concept 'here to stay'. Unless of course that is what you consciously want. I suspect not -- let that one go.

You are at choice here in terms of what you believe. Allow the energies of Life to blow through you, but do not give them permission to stay. They may be welcome for a time, there may be important lessons for you to learn, and then it will be time for these energies to leave.


RunninL8 said...

I am just blown away by your little gems of true wisdom. I just want to write them on little peices of paper and just hand them out to people! Have you thought of writing a book?
I so look foward to more.
Thank you

Joyous Judy said...

Dear Runnin18,

Thank you for your kind words. They mean more to me that you know. Yes, I very much want to write and publish.

Actually, I am in the process of finishing my first book -- it's on the Sunwheel, the stone circle calendar I built on the U.Mass. campus. (See post from June 23 on the Summer Solstice, with a link to the Sunwheel web site).

And I have started my next book, Life Lessons from Great Challenges, and it will include my story of the past 2 years. Like the "25 Good Things About My Diagnosis" (posted in May), "The Collapse of my Spine" (posted in June), and the tools lessons and gifts of my journey.

I am grateful for your support!